Everyday Carry (pics & explanation)

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  1. wllmwallace

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    Aug 14, 2009
    Denton, TX
    EDC - HK USP .45 Compact in LG-6S Sticky holster, extra mag, Boker AK47 auto pocket knife, Note2 phone, wallet, paracord laces in boots.

  2. Wabbit69

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    Apr 16, 2012
    My place of employment is a NPE. Starting Sep 1, I'll be able to keep my Walther P99 in my locked motor vehicle in the parking lot. My vehicle is never more than 100 feet away, and I can pretty much come and go to it as I please during the day.

    I've tried a couple of EDC rigs, and found that carrying everything all the time was just too darn heavy. I put some thought into it and broke my EDC down into four categories:1)Things that I use all the time whether at work or off the clock. I want those to be within my reach allways. 2) Things that I only use at work. 3)Stuff that I use occasionally for work and non-work, but can stand to walk to the van to get 4)Things that I hope I will NEVER have to use, but if I do, not having them would be miserable.

    I wear Tru-Spec 24/7 cargo pants to work. This takes care of Category 1. Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses in cases in right thigh pockets. Left thigh pocket has cell, cigs, and lighter, occasionally a note-pad. Right front hip pocket has Benchmade Contego and wallet. Left front hip pocket has Spyderco P'kal. Right aux pocket between hip and rear has pencil, pen, and Sharpie. Left aux pocket has Insight HX150 tactical flashlight (which I use pretty often for work, so it's real handy.) On the weekends, I wear either 5.11 Covert Cargo's or Vertx which can carry almost every thing above, and still look decent enough for church with a collar and tie.

    Category 2 is my laptop with general office supplies and my lunch in a Maxpedition MPB.

    For Category Three, I keep a Maxpedition Collossus stocked with Kleenex, bandana's, multi-tool, Knipex small wrench-pliers, hand wipes, sunscreen, hand-cream, bug spray and spare batteries in the van between the center console and dash. It has a MaxP Fatty Pocket organizer with Bluetooth headset and spare chargers for phone, along with some extra pens/pencils. The other side of the Collossus has a MaxP meduim Rolly-Polly Dump pouch attached, usually folded up. The large CCW pocket is reserved for my Walther P99 in a Dale Fricke Zaccheus trigger guard/holster tied to the middle D-ring in the event that my AIWB rig is inappropriate for the mode of dress at the time. This usuall stays in the van, but sometimes I'll carry it as a man-purse, especially if were's tooling about with the grand-kids. There have been a couple of times when Paw-Paw was the one that came to the rescue when the 5 year old sneezed and had a three foot booger hanging.

    Category 4 is taken care of by a MaxP FR1 pouch hanging on the back side of the front passenger seat set up as a basic boo-boo-kit. Also, there is a MaxP Kodiak Gearslinger sling-pack that's kept empty with the exception of a trauma kit, and emergency blanket, light stick, whistle, and mirror. If I need to get home on foot, I'm never more than 10 miles away, and I'll transfer the some of Cat 1-3 to the Kodiak as the circumstances dictate.

    BTW, I picked up some MOLLE STIX Molly Stix (Pair) : ITS Tactical . Those things make switching pouches/attachments a breeze.
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  3. dustycorgill

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    Jan 28, 2013
    Garland, Texas
    Re: Everyday Carry (pics & explanation)

    G30, Shephard Leather IWB, extra mag, wallett and keys. Im lookin for a knife...just havent made my mind up. Going to order a two mag holster from Shephard Leather soon so I can carry two extra mags.
  4. Robb in Austin

    Robb in Austin Active Member

    Jul 26, 2012
    At work: Leatherman Skeletool, wallet, gum, pen. Taurus 85 in the truck.

    Not at work: Leatherman Skeletool, Buck Bantam BLW, Eagletac D25C, wallet, gum, Taurus 85 IWB.

    Always in the truck; El Cheapo tool kit(the kind you get at Pep Boys; have had it for 20+ years, nothing has ever broke.), lots of tie downs/bungee cords, Maglite 2 D with drop in LED, various rags.
  5. Big Phil

    Big Phil Well-Known

    Feb 20, 2013
    Everyday Carry (pics & explanation)

    video from Kyle Defoor

  6. Sammy654d

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    Jun 30, 2013
    Austin Metro
    Everyday Carry:

    Glock 19 w/DPX in Dale Frickie Archangel AIWB holster
    Cold Steel Espada Large 5.5" Folder or TSD 4" Fixed appendix offhand handle down carry
    Chain Wallet

    The blades are self defense/emergency only use.
  7. illixir

    illixir Member

    Sep 19, 2011
    Colorado City
    Re: Everyday Carry (pics & explanation)

    Here is my EDC gear:


    Browing composite leather reinforced belt
    Alien Gear IWB hybrid holster
    Taurus PT-92 w/ 17 rnd mag (147 grn +p Remington Golden Sabers)
    Bianchi mag holder w/ 19 rnd mag
    Mag-lite w/ niteize led upgrade and iq rear switch in a niteize belt holder
    Radio as I am a volunteer fireman
    Wallet w/ CHL
    Secondary keys with small leatherman multitool and usb key containing computer repair tools
    Armitron auto winding mechancal watch
    Three survival strap braceletts
    Boker magnum folder
    Gerber folder
    Cheap assisted folder
    5" fixed blade with sheath
    Samsung galaxy note 2 (taking the pic with it)

    Sent from the middle if nowhere via Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  8. dvmpiper

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    Jan 19, 2013
    Terrell, Tx
    Generally, SAR B6P in a Galco kingtuk IWB holster, leatherman wave, cell phone, pocket watch, 2 spare mags in the backpack. Can't have too much else trying to work as a vet.
  9. Robb in Austin

    Robb in Austin Active Member

    Jul 26, 2012
    Can replace the T85 with a Glock 19 now. Also, forgot the ubiquitous cell phone and a few multitools in the truck.
  10. TheDan

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    Nov 11, 2008
    Austin - Rockdale
    I've always thought I carried a lot of stuff, but some of you guys are making me feel more normal, lmao...

    In general I always have on me:
    -at least one gun, sometimes two
    -folding knife
    -occasionally a small fixed blade
    -a few lens wipes (these are soaked in alcohol so they double as disinfecting wipes)
    -ear plugs
    -a lighter (don't smoke, but being able to start fires is handy)
    -keys with a little key-chain multitool

    I probably wouldn't carry all this stuff if it weren't for Truspec's 24/7 pants. They have pockets inside pockets... :cool:

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