Eye-for-an-eye justice in Iran


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Jul 16, 2008
Well, not quite one-for-one...

The Associated Press: Blinded Iranian seeks eye-for-eye justice

Blinded Iranian seeks eye-for-eye justice
By CIARAN GILES – 2 hours ago
MADRID (AP) — An Iranian woman living in Spain said Wednesday she welcomed a Tehran court ruling that awards her eye-for-an-eye justice against a suitor who blinded her with acid.
Ameneh Bahrami, 30, told Cadena SER radio, "I am not doing this out of revenge, but rather so that the suffering I went through is not repeated."
Late last year an Iranian court ruled that the man — identified only as Majid — who blinded Bahrami in 2004 after she spurned him, should also be blinded with acid based on the Islamic law system of "qisas," or eye-for-an-eye retribution, according to Iranian newspaper reports from November.
But Bahrami, who moved to Spain after the attack to get medical treatment, said Wednesday that under Iranian law, she is entitled to blind him in only one eye, unless she pays euro20,000 ($25,110), because in Iran women are not considered equal to men.
"They have told us that my two eyes are equal to one of his because in my country each man is worth two women. They are not the same," she told Cadena SER.
Bahrami explained that she was now waiting for a letter from the court to go back to Iran for the punishment to be carried out.
Cadenda SER said that after undergoing treatment in Barcelona, Bahrami recovered 40 percent vision in one eye but since then doctors have not been able to prevent her from going totally blind. She also suffered horrific burns to her face, scalp and body.
She says she now survives on euro400 ($500) a month in aid from the Spanish government.
The woman said Majid would be blinded by having several drops of acid put into one eye, whereas she had acid splashed all over her face and other parts of her body.
It was not immediately possible to make contact with Bahrami on Wednesday. No one at the Iranian Embassy was available for comment either.
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Jan 23, 2009
This type of idealogical BS I can't get my head around.
I was about to go on a rant but best shut up.
In some cases the Marines have the right idea - kill-en all and let GOD sort them out.


Jan 27, 2009
Comanche Co., Texas
This type of idealogical BS I can't get my head around.
I was about to go on a rant but best shut up.
In some cases the Marines have the right idea - kill-en all and let GOD sort them out.
To quote old time movie star, William Bendix, "You took the words right out of my mouth, and thats unsanitary" haha My thinking exactly .....


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Jan 23, 2009
I have no issue with an "eye for eye" type punishment. No,no that I am all in for when and where warranted. What rips my drawers is how a society is still caught up in a mind set that a woman or child is worth less than a man. That its ok to abuse, kill, disfigure, etc... another based on their sex or age.
This mentality pre-dates Christ when everything was governed by tribal law. In the world we live in today it's just hard for me to comprehend that this mind set is still with us.
Granted this part of the world is several hundred years behind in their attitudes and ideas, but how can a modern government still allow this to go on. IMO this is what wrong with that part of the world. They can not leave the past and embrace the present / future.
I have to stop now before I kill another keyboard. :banghead:


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Jan 28, 2009
Houston, Cy-Fair
A couple of things jumped out at me when I first read this...

Did she not have any families to avenge her?
Why is an Iranian living off the government of Spain?
Why did the man not get a more severe punishment (jail or worse)
Why do the women of NOW not make bigger waves?
Where are the other women's groups?
Why do Muslims get a free pass from the press (fear of retribution?) when it comes to mistreating people?


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