Favorite 44 magnum wheel guns

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Stag, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Stag

    Stag Member

    Everynow and then I get to take my Dad out to the range. He takes his Colt .357 and I load up my pistols. I love shooting that wheelie. So it gets me thinking, I think I want to by a 44 Mag for some fun target shootin'

    There is the classic Model 629 or the Colt Anaconda, Ruger Blackhawk, etc..
    Which brands make a solid 44 mag revolver? Something I can pass to my son.

    Thanks for your insight.

  2. dbgun

    dbgun TGT Addict

    Mar 17, 2008
    Houston, TX.
    my vote: Ruger Super Red Hawk, 7.5" barrel, SS.
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  3. Gpz1100

    Gpz1100 Member

    Mar 15, 2008
    Warren, TX
    Dan Wesson
  4. Duman44

    Duman44 Member

    Mar 28, 2008
    Tough to beat the Ruger for strength or price. The S. Blackhawk is approx. 450 new, can find used for 3-350. Redhawks are 600 new 450 + used.
    The way Ruger offsets the cylinder lug indexes (cylinder walls are the weakest part of a revolver) make the guns some of the strongest out there. I run loads through my Redhawk on a steady basis that I would not use on a consistent basis in my N frame Smith.
  5. dee

    dee Well-Known

    Nov 22, 2008
    Red River Way
    Dad has a 4" S&W I liked it alot until I came into a Ruger superredhawk like the one above and I love it. I had a Dan Wesson for a lil while and didn't like it that much it was too big and I couldn't find a comfortable way to shoot it. I traded it for a 8" S&W in .41
  6. baboon

    baboon Well-Known

    I had a S&W 629 8 3/8 inch barrel. It had a recall on the cylinder & I sent it back to them. I noticed S&W was having a lot of recalls & I sold it. Said I would never buy another S&W product & stuck by it. Never really missed that gun, nor did a see the need for another .44 magnum.
  7. DCortez

    DCortez TGT Addict

    Jan 28, 2009
    Houston, Cy-Fair

    How long ago was that?
  8. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Member

    Aug 2, 2008
    North Texas
    I think I have owned just about every brand/model of 44 Magnum at one time, S&W 29,629-Colt Anaconda-Ruger Blackhawk,Super Redhawk-Dan Wesson-Taurus Raging Bull.
    All were great shooting guns,but I sold all but the Taurus Raging Bull,it just fits me and IMO is the best shooting 44 that I have ever owned. I do wish I'd kept the S&W 629,and the Dan Wesson though.They were also nice guns.
  9. baboon

    baboon Well-Known

    I bought the gun when they first came out. Hell I still had my FFL then. Bought one for me & sold one to a buddy. He is thinking on selling his to fund another project.

    IIRC I sold it once I got bit by the safari hunting bug. I took it to africa, but failed at getting a chance to use it. Had a great offer on it in africa, but I wasn't leaving it their.
  10. Wedge

    Wedge Member

    Mar 2, 2009
    Had 3 .44 all S&W. Hunters classic,Mountain Special and 629 in 6 inch barrel. I loved them all and had no issues.


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