Finally got it all together and now "The Big Evil" is ready for some range time

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  • sonuvaTXgun

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    Feb 14, 2013
    Borger, TX
    Here's the tube all realigned and lookin' purdy. I didn't need to replace it because it wasn't marred but I made sure before I put it back in.,BFAtQVL,slvezyD

    Got the new gas key all fitted up and snug. Now, I know it's not staked and I know it needs to be. What I did was take some red loctite and put a fine layer on both allen screws. It's high temperature stuff so I think it'll be ok just as long as I don't do a mag dump and will hold up until the beginning of December when I go home and can stake it.,BFAtQVL,slvezyD#1

    Here's the red loctite lightly layered on the end of the screw. Everything is fitted up and ready to go. It cycles as smoothly as it did when I first bought it and I'm pleased with the repair. Jeremy and Matt, I know y'all wanted to see how the plastixrevolution brass catcher handled and I'll let y'all know as soon as I go to the range.,BFAtQVL,slvezyD#2

    Can't wait to get out there and shoot :m16:
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