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Jan 24, 2009
The last shotgun I bought (Browing Gold Hunter) was purchased for duck and goose. It was within my budget and looked nice. However I quickly learned that it didnt shoulder worth a darn. Subsequently I couldnt hit a thing with it. It became obvious that the "fit" was all wrong for me. I sold the gun and would like to get another before the 09 waterfoul season kicks off. So the question is how do I figure what "fits"? I know I could go and play touchy feely with lots of guns, always fun, but I dont want to waste a bunch of money on a gun that doesnt fit me right. So who knows how to measure for a shotgun?


May 9, 2008
North Zulch, TX
You can buy the gun you like and have it fitted, buy one with an adjustable comb, or use an add-on adjustable butt pad. If you get the right adj. pad, it will be adjustable for drop, length of pull and the R to L cant. On my competition shotgun I have an adj. comb which allows for everything except the length of pull adjustment which on my gun is a moot point due to the adjustable trigger.

Stock Benelli's come with different shims for the drop I believe and a simple slip on pad will give extra length if needed. If you need shorter, you may look at "youth" models and consider adding a pad to them. If the length and drop is right, but you're like me and mount the gun at an angle you need an adjustable comb. Whatever you do avoid the stick-on cheek pads, they deterioate quickly and if you don't get it on just right it is a mess getting them back off and you'll have to buy another to try again.

Man. I'd better quit rambling now.
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