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Florida Gov. Brown Signs Lead Ammo Ban

Discussion in 'Gun Legislation' started by ShootWhenICan, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. ShootWhenICan

    ShootWhenICan Active Member

    Apr 5, 2012
    He just vetoed a ban on semi-auto rifles which was great but now this.......why???
    What does it matter to anyone if I shoot lead bullets or not.

    Gov. Brown Signs Lead Ammo Ban, Other Harmful Bills

    Via Breitbart:
    California Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed a statewide ban on lead ammunition (AB711) on Friday but vetoed the expanded “assault weapons” ban (SB374).

    In addition to vetoing the expanded “assault weapons” ban, Brown vetoed SB299, SB475, SB567, SB755, AB169, and AB180. However, as good as this news sounds, it is far outweighed by the myriad new gun control laws Brown signed into law.

    The lead ammo ban alone poses significant problems for CA gun owners, hunters, and wildlife management.
    Earlier this week, Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly (R-33rd Dist.) warned that AB711 is really just a ban on hunting disguised as an ammunition ban because it leaves hunters with non-options for options.

    On October 8, Donnelly said:
    [AB711] forces people to go to non-lead bullets, but non-lead bullets are considered to be arming piercing, and if they can be fired through a handgun they are illegal to own. It is a breach of federal law to own arming piercing ammo for handguns.
    This will effectively end ammunition options for hunters, ending hunting in CA as well.
    According to the San Jose Mercury News, Brown also signed:
    SB363--Expands the crime of "criminal storage" in a way that will make it difficult for gun owners with children to keep a loaded gun in the home.
    SB683--"Requires owners of long guns to earn safety certificates like those already required of handgun owners."
    AB48--Bans "conversion kits" that enable gun owners to turn standard capacity magazines into "high capacity magazines."
    AB231--Ends organizational purchase of "assault weapons," .50 cal. riles, and machine guns. An individual MUST go through the standard background checks and registration for such weapons from now on.
    AB 500--Expands the time the DOJ has to do a background check on gun purchasers and expands places in which it is illegal to store a firearm.
    AB1131--Extends "from six months to five years the prohibition from owning firearms for those who've described a credible violent threat to a psychotherapist."
    Jerry Brown Vetoes 'Assault Weapons' Ban, Signs Lead Ammo Ban


  2. Glockster69

    Glockster69 TGT Addict

    Jul 1, 2011
  3. AcidFlashGordon

    AcidFlashGordon TGT Addict

    I think associating the dickwad governor in Kommiefornia with Florida will piss off Floridians........:p
  4. Texan2

    Texan2 TGT Addict

    Nov 8, 2008
    South of San Antonio
  5. no2gates

    no2gates Well-Known

    Aug 31, 2013
    Grand Prairie, TX
    Amen! I moved from California to Texas 8 years ago. Things are so much better here than in CA. Every time I go back to visit, it just makes me more certain of my decision to leave.
  6. DFTR

    DFTR New Member

    Sep 29, 2013
    Fort Worth
    The lead ammo ban also effectively cancels cap&ball revolvers from being used and many vintage pre 1898 firearms. Being most all exclusively were and are built for only lead bullets. I doubt my own Mauser 71/84 could long stand firing a copper and aluminum core bullet. Let alone conventional handgun calibers of today still are cheapest to use with lead bullets. One more layer of protection (due to cost) stripped from low income and fixed income citizens. But, I bet California's illegals will enjoy all the rights citizens are now banned from. Because, of course, the police will be accused of profiling if they move to enforce firearm rules on illegals. The Soviet Socialist State moves forward continually. Into the dark past.
  7. AcidFlashGordon

    AcidFlashGordon TGT Addict

    Or as I've "dubbed" the state, The Peoples' Socialist Яepublik of Kalifornia. And as some libiturd asswipes in that state try to spew, they'll be the model for the rest of this country ..... but only when it becomes the United Socialist States of Amerika .... or the dream of Obastard and the rest of his drooling communist/socialist/Marxist minions.

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