Former Ranger Pleads Guilty To Sexual Abuse

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    Feb 17, 2009

    CORPUS CHRISTI - A former ranger at Mustang Island State Park, who admitted he molested his daughter for 13 years, has accepted a plea deal.
    Juan Francisco Sanchez pleaded guilty to 28 counts of sexual abuse, 25 of those occurred when the victim was a child.
    Sanchez received 35 years for each of those counts and 20 years for each of the other three, when the victim was an adult, but all the sentences will run at the same time for a maximum of 35 years in prison.
    After the judge read his sentence, Sanchez apologized to his family.
    "I might've done some stuff, but I still care about them and I do still consider them family," Sanchez said.
    Before that apology, Sanchez's family got to speak out as well. They're still upset at the man, they said, betrayed their trust.
    It's a heinous crime that investigators said took place for nearly 13 years. The molestation started when the victim was just seven-years-old. On Monday, she went face-to-face with the man who hurt her.
    "You chasing us down on the highway when you were trying to find us, I remember that. I hope you rot in there and you never get out," the victim told her father, Sanchez.
    The victim told investigators her father had sex with her at the beach and in his bedroom. The victim eventually broke down about a year and a half ago and wrote a letter about the abuse.
    When her mother, Laura Sanchez, found it, she called police.
    Laura said she's enraged, because she'll have to live with those images for the rest of her life.
    "I trusted you. She's your flesh and blood. 35 years, Juan, it ain't nothing. That's nothing for what you did to her. What you did to us. What you did to my family, to your own family, to your own mother," Laura said.
    The victim's brother, Travis Sanchez, didn't address his father as "dad" during his testimony. Instead, he called him 'Juan', and he spoke with anger and resentment as he read a prepared statement.
    "You're sick, you really are. That's the truth. You really put this family under attack. You put the gun to your own head," Travis said.
    The family embraced and cried as they finished their testimony. Each one passed on a personal message to a man who betrayed their trust.
    A betrayal, the victim said, causes her panic and anxiety attacks. She said she'll never, ever forget and hopes her father won't either.
    "I hope you remember everything when you're in jail and you remember every single detail of what you did to me and what you did to my family," the victim stated.
    Although his sentence is 35 years, he'll be eligible for parole after serving 17 and a half years.
    However, prosecutors said the family will send letters to the parole board urging it to make sure that Sanchez will serve his full sentence

  2. TxEMTP69

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    Feb 17, 2009
    WTF is going on in Corpus, if its not shootings and stabbings, its pedophiles that should be shot and stabbed
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    Jan 28, 2009
    Houston, Cy-Fair

    Must be the water.

    If that guy had any self respect, he'd kill himself. Being a shitbag, a coward, and a deviant, he'll slowly rot in jail.
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    Feb 17, 2009
    I saw the clip on the news this evening. The family stood couragiously against him, each of the 28 counts read slowly and seperately by the judge making him answer his plea to each. When the family spoke I had chills run down my spine.
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    How the hell can you molest your own children? Seriously?
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    Sep 5, 2009
    I really hope there is a special place in the bottom of hell for people who harm children.

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