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    Apr 13, 2018
    I have a female mix. Medium size. She’s 38lbs and around 8 months. She’s scheduled to get fixed this month. Picture will be added soon.

    Her name is Kimber. She needs a home with no kids. She’s been ok with my son so far but she doesn’t have the character needed to stay in my house. With that said she can be a sweet girl she’s just not consistent for me. If you have other dogs she may be stand off ish or passive aggressive for a bit then will be ok with them. Not 100 percent sure on this as we socialized her and maybe that will stick. Like I said she’s off. For all I know she may growl at you for a while at her new home getting to know you. I hope not and whoever decides to take her can have the time she needs that I don’t. She’s not broken, yet, and I could see the perfect home being with someone retired and no kids. She’s potty trained for the most part. She was being lazy and defiant at times but we have gone a while with no accidents. It’s very possible she’s butting heads with me as alpha or only likes women due to where we got her. I can think about it all I like but at the end of the day she isn’t making the cut in this pack. She’s not wired right. I honestly think she’s got some imbalance from where she came from. She will need leash training as all our dogs live in the country.

    She won’t wonder off if nothing is going on. She’s more of a house dog and will sit on the porch until you let her in. The wife doesn’t trust finding her a home on Facebook classifieds so I’m posting here believing someone can provide a home that’s better suited for her.
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