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  1. CarbonCycles

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    Apr 2, 2008
    Austin, Texas
    It's morons like this that should NOT be issued permits.

    Man, 73, accused of aiming pistol at slower golfers

    Man, 73, accused of aiming pistol at slower golfers

    t started with an argument about how slowly three men were playing golf at the Lions Municipal Golf Course on Enfield Road. It ended with a 73-year-old man aiming a loaded pistol Monday at former Westlake High School football player Matt Nader in the golf course parking lot and claiming he was "morally obligated to destroy" him, according to court documents.
    Edwin Dailey was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second-degree felony, after an Austin city marshal pulled him over in his white Ford Focus, a few blocks from the course better known as "Muny."
    Dailey was released on $15,000 bail. He declined to comment when reached by phone Wednesday. Nader could not be reached for comment.
    Nader, a former Westlake lineman, had received a football scholarship at the University of Texas before he collapsed on the sidelines from cardiac arrest during a 2006 high school game in College Station.
    Nader's life was saved using an automated external defibrillator, and doctors later learned that he had a heart condition that ended his football career.
    UT honored his scholarship, and he's now a student and student-assistant coach for the Longhorns.
    According to Dailey's arrest affidavit, Nader and two friends were playing golf when Dailey approached them at the ninth hole. The affidavit said Dailey complained that they were playing too slowly and had parked their golf cart inappropriately.
    The argument continued for four more holes; at the 13th hole, Dailey told Nader that he would get his gun and "make them both equal," the affidavit said.
    After the 18th hole, all of them ended up in the parking lot together, the affidavit said, and Dailey reignited the confrontation and told the three men to stay away from him because he felt threatened.
    After a verbal exchange, Dailey pulled out a .25-caliber Browning handgun loaded with hollow-point bullets and pointed it at Nader, the affidavit said. The three men took cover behind cars, fearing for their lives, the affidavit said.
    Dailey then concealed the gun and went back to the clubhouse while the men called 911, the affidavit said.
    He later returned while they were on the phone and said, "If I feel threatened, I am morally obligated to destroy you," according to the affidavit.
    Dailey left the scene but was stopped nearby by the city marshal, the affidavit said.
    The Browning pistol was seized from the car, as well as a .38-caliber Beretta pistol that was in a cooler, and two additional magazines for that weapon, the affidavit said.
    The affidavit says officers didn't think Dailey had been in physical danger or that his threat of deadly force was justified.
    He was not in custody Wednesday.

  2. Reverendbiker

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    Nov 14, 2008
    Central Texas
    Yep. Unfortunately it's instances like this that the anti-gun crowd will cite when opposing right-to-carry laws.
  3. GM.Chief

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    Mar 16, 2009
    And unfortunately there is no way to screen this behavior out. I don't understand this type of person. DOn't get me wrong, I know some people with that mentality and have met several others, but I still don't understand it. It's kind of like the guy who picks a fight with you, and when you say "fine, let's fight", he runs and grabs 10 of his friends to jump you. Idiots.
  4. baboon

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    I say if we had more GUN RANGES then golf course & this old ass hat was at the range this would not of happened.
  5. MadMo44Mag

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    Jan 23, 2009
    Some folks have no common sense and thats what gets them in trouble.
    Here's a prime example!
  6. txinvestigator

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    May 28, 2008
    Ft Worth, TX
    Of course we don't have the whole story here.....Here is another possible twist; Disparity of force (several agressors, a lone 73 year olf grandpa) they threaten to kill him, kick his ass and rape his family. Grandpa, feeling threatened, produces a handgun and backs off.

    Who knows what actually happened? None of us.
  7. Starker

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    The thing I find most amazing about this story is that apparently affidavits can speak. This one in particular had a lot to say!
  8. M. Sage

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    Jan 21, 2009
    San Antonio
    That could very well be the case. There are three sides to every story.
  9. DCortez

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    Jan 28, 2009
    Houston, Cy-Fair
    Golf brings out the worst in people...
  10. JKTex

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    Mar 11, 2008
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