FS in B/CS - Like New Walther PPQ M2 9mm with 6 magazines!

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    Mar 17, 2008
    Beretta City,Texas
    Forsale in Bryan/College Station - One 9mm Walther PPQ M2 (button release, like standard semi autos) with 6 mags.

    This gun ONLY had 160 rounds thru it - EXACTLY. This is not one of those ads with a made up number of rounds fired thru it.

    I really had no plans to sell anymore guns - but my wife is a new driver and had another accident. There is a repair bill to pay for. Instead of dragging it out - this would help take care of it. So, something has gotta go.

    This was my most recent purchase. I love the P99, so I decided to try one of these. Very accurate gun. Be sure to look at the factory target that I included a photo of.

    The popularity of this gun had really taken off lately. You will find good reviews of it online.

    Anyway - I am offering TWO prices on the gun. One for the gun and 6 mags, and one for the gun and 2 mags. I can always easily sell the mags seperately at the Walther Forum.

    Be aware that mags for this gun are around $35-$45, and finding them in the lower range takes some doing.

    So at a minimum, the four extra mags are worth $140!

    My price is:

    $510 with two factory magazines OR $610 with six factory magazines!

    Face to face sales only!

    Please email me at goldfishpanda@Hotmail.com and the first "I'll take it with an exchange of information gets it.



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