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  • Born Here

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    Sep 28, 2022
    The Woods
    song from my youth, in that film:

    Wow! That must have been back when Fred and Barney were working at that rock place


    Old Guy "Lost my guns in move to nursing home."
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    Mar 28, 2013
    Saint Martinville, LA
    When we took the enlistment oath, we put our lives in the hands of those in the S1 branch. They had total control of duty stations, pay, records.
    As I was a Reservist, a Medical Officer, I was still in private practice of Family Medicine in a small town.

    I did as ordered, closed my practice, ran ads in newspapers, packed military gear, etc. and showed-up in Houston ready-to-go.

    Apparently,they missed me when “everyone” was told it was a spoof, that the General just wanted everyone to come watch the superbowl with him at HQ.

    What a mess, all had to be undone.

    The other two times, I was called & notified to ignore the “orders”. To me, that was no “joking matter” !

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