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May 13, 2008
Spring, TX
So, I should be getting my Texas CHL soon and I'm wondering which holster I should get to carry my Colt GM XSE. Although I might get a commander to compliment my full size government model I would like one holster that I can use for both when I decide to carry.

I was looking at either a Galco Quick Slide or perhaps some other SOB type holster (I have a Yaqui slide holsters but it's really for the range and doesn't do much to protect the weapon from dings and scratches). The key is to get a holster that would fit the Government Model Colt and be easy to conceal. Since my gun is blued, having a holster that doesn't cause much wear is a consideration as well. I'm not sure that an IWB is for me since I hate tight fitting pants (which mine seem to be most of teh time anyway).

The other concern is concealing in hot weather. Face it, it's hot here in Texas most of the time. How do you conceal in shorts and a t-shirt? Is an SOB holster right for that?

Your thoughts please!


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Mar 24, 2008
Lufkin, Texas
If the 2 barrel lengths you guys have are commander & full size, I suggest you buy a holster for the commander & the 5" gun will stick out only a little.
Most holster makers build their "slides" to fit the short barrel & the long ones stick way out.
I have a picture of my Tucker that I bought for a Commander length gun. For a long time I used it for my 4" Kimber & my 5" SA. The K did not reach the end & the Springer stuck out about 3/4".
I have since bought another Tucker for the K so the SA is the only one I carry in old holster now.


Mar 7, 2008
Parker County
Full-size and commander-size 1911's are all that I carry. In my experience, the best and most comfortable holsters are in fact IWB. If you're going to eliminate these then your choices are going to be a lot more limited in my opinion. An IWB holster will be concealed with only an untucked t-shirt over it no matter what you're wearing. I can carry my (aluminum alloy) S&W 1911SC in running shorts that tie with my IWB holster.


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Mar 4, 2008
Quote: "If the 2 barrel lengths you guys have are commander & full size, I suggest you buy a holster for the commander & the 5" gun will stick out only a little."

With respect to Longtooth, I will have to agree to disagree on this point. First, I personally do NOT like my pistol barrels (and front sights) to protrude below holster opening. Second, many holsters are cupped at bottom (Sparks and Alessi holsters for instance) and a longer barrel can NOT pass thru this semi-closed mouth. With their holsters, you would need to order a holster for the 5" 1911 and let the 4.25" barrel gun sit in the slightly overlong holster. I use IWB holsters for concealed carry and frequently wear a light cloth vest to cover the weapons. Another option is to wear your shirt out whenever possible. This will cover a good IWB holstered weapon but may show a bulge with OWB rigs. See my e-mail reply for specifics on IWB holsters and belt used.


Mar 11, 2008
DFW, North Texas
If you absolutly can't/don't want to, have an appropriate holster for each gun, I agree with LHB1 in using one for a 5". However, the tip may collapse some with you're carrying the 4"-4.25".

I'd recommend a good custom IWB for each. It'll retain better and be more comfortable.


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For years I thought that the Galco SOB was the way to go. i used them with a Sig 226 & a Glock 27. I find that they really suck after sitting, especially while driving. When i ordered my Les Baer SRP I wanted that to be my carry gun. After a bit of looking I settled on a Tucker Answer. I only wish I would of found these much earlier.


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Mar 4, 2008
An SOB holster looks like one of those items "made for Hollywood phony movies" where poor/dangerous/unrealistic techniques, equipment, and styles are used for dramatic effect. Looks like it would be uncomfortable to wear sitting down, print easily if you bend forward even slightly, and be dangerous in use because the gun would sweep such a wide arc in drawing and firing. Heaven help you if you ever fell backward against a hard surface wearing pistol in an SOB holster. Did I say that I don't like that style holster? :D


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Mar 3, 2008
Austin, Houston
what i carry

I have been using a Don Humme IWB holster for a couple years now. One holster works for my STI Ranger and Ranger II or any odd 45 govt model I happen to have around. I don't bother with the snap model and at less than 40 bucks for a holster it's a deal.

I lke the leather to cover the front site as previously mentioned but have never had issue when practicing with a shorter length holster when i have a full size slide.

For a simple and easy to use daily holster i know they make better but the IWB Don Humme is what i choose. We don't sell this holster so my comment should not appear biased.



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