Funny Picture - Video Thread III

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  • findingZzero

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    Mar 19, 2022
    I would ask u 2 come over 2 the dark side, but U R already there..

    Someone needs to make a meme or video of this:

    This is Kevin. Kevin is 30, lives in his mom's basement, and actively supports Antifa (and BLM). When Kevin graduated high school he looked around for a career that would benefit mankind.

    So Kevin took out student loans to get a degree in Pre-Etruscan Underwater Basket Weaving in Outer Mongolia with a minor in successful Socialist and Communist government management. Kevin owes $125,000 in student loans incurred in the pursuit of saving mankind. Since the only two jobs on the planet that could use his skills (and feeling that any other job is demeaning not to mention real work) Kevin has found himself unable repay his student loans.

    For only $2,500 ($205 a month) you can help Kevin with his onerous student loan burden - not to mention perhaps help him move out of his mom's basement! So please - dig deep and call today to help Kevin and those like him. You will receive a photo of the recipient of your largess - no thank you letters since Gen Z never learned how - but, if you call today, you can get a video of them marching in "mostly peaceful" support of their c


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    Apr 15, 2013


    TGT Addict
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    Apr 20, 2020
    Well, we can infer a few things about the designer of this piece, and of the folks lining up to buy or build 'em! Dude needs to go back to the drawing board, if he doesn't add more to the flared base, the recoil will shoot that sucker right up the poo-chute :roflfunny: Of course this could get Californians, Marylanders, and that cold bitch governor of New York on the 2A train :what: Bet your ass that there'd be some leather wearing cowboy from San Francisco wanting it chambered in 45-70!

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