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Jan 28, 2009
Houston, Cy-Fair
I read this lady's letter in today's Chronicle .. yea, yea, I know .. the wife had renewed our subscription days before they endorsed Obama.



No thanks for the gun bill

I am thrilled to know that our state senators have tackled all of the massive problems in this fine state of ours. I know they must have because they had time to present a bill to allow folks to legally bring their guns to work with them and not be punished by their employer for doing so. The passage of that went so quickly through the Texas Senate it makes you believe that the agenda was clear of any other issues. I wonder what the urgency was? And I have to wonder where the urgency is for the matters that impact the majority of us, such as our shortchanged schools, providing health care for a million Texas kids without insurance coverage or curbing skyrocketing tuition rates, insurance premiums and utility rates. I wonder who wrote their list of priorities? Is this what they promised when they were elected? I guess I would have never put the right of a gun owner before a child who needs insurance or finding reasonable funding for our schools.
—Susie Fritsche, Cypress
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