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Jun 10, 2015
Odessa, Tx
Even if it’s just the Mexican border, that’s still the entire length of the border and all those modes.
We have never had a completely secure border with Mexico, and although very porous, there is much areas that, if you can make it, maybe you should get a pass. The problem is, we had never given the impression to so many across the world that our borders are open. This is a U.S. manufactured crisis. Mainly from one side of the political spectrum.

We have to bolster the easier places to cross in order to slow the flow. We also need our government to claim that we are a nation, and nations have borders, and trespassing through those borders will not be tolerated. This recent surge was caused by the Biden administration when he claimed that those leaving Haiti to America would not be sent back.


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May 6, 2008
Out here by the lake!
Plan B: Shoot every 3rd one crossing the dam until you have expended 3 rounds -> 6 wets safely on this side of the dam & 3 floating downstream then stand down & observe. This'll create a scenario wherein we'd only need a couple of troopers there to watch the mass exodus southward and only 6 illegal Haitians in Texas. This, instead of all the cops in the world .
You know why Haitians don’t take bathes? They just wash up on shore
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