Glad to be here.

Well, this should be a great board and I hope to visit it often. I enjoy collecting and shooting Black Powder and C&R arms. In addition, I do enjoy hunting deer and pigs but spend as much time as I can hunting Ducks, Geese, Doves, Quail and Pheasants. BTW, I do all my hunting with black powder guns. It adds a little more excitement to the chase. Oh, please don’t hold it against me that I currently live in the “Peoples Republic of Kalifornia”. There is still about 40% of the populations who are normal and fighting the good fight….everyday!

Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate it. You are right, once a Texan always a Texan. People in Kalifornia still think I talk funny....You should hear them! Home Sweet Home is in the Pasadena area. I do get back to the area at least once if not more often per year. Most of the family is scattered from Houston to Galveston plus a few in Baytown, Spring and Splendora. Steve

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