Glock 29 within 100 miles of Amarillo?


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Mar 5, 2008
Texas of course
Does anyone have a Glock 29 within 100 miles of Amarillo...that would be willing to let me look at and possibly shoot (I'll buy the ammo and maybe even clean it for ya ). Reason I'm asking is I'm wanting a 10mm pretty bad and like the idea of the G29 (small and easy to carry) just haven't been able to find one local. I'd like to check one out before I order one without at least holding one. Thanks


Jun 19, 2008
Amarillo, Texas
I didn't think there was ANYTHING within 100 miles of Amarillo!!!!
Y'all are just harsh!

Sorry, bro. No Glocks at our house.......yet. I have been thinking about getting a 19c, but yesterday a guy I work with offered to sell me his 17 for $400. It is in pristine condition and it's only had 3 boxes of ammo through it.
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