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  • Robmoo

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    Apr 5, 2011
    Went to the range today and fired my new Glock23 side byside with my Glock19. The G23 is a hand cannon. I was not ascomfortable to shoot as the G19. I wasn't quite as accurate with the 23,but it was close. Although hopefully it will never have to be used onanything but targets, I didn't buy the G23 to use it as a target pistol. It will be my new Concealed carry gun. I also took my recently acquiredGlock17. It worked as advertised.
    One of my AF buddies went through Active Threat Responseafter the shooting at Fort Hood. I was telling me they taught him toshoot one handed with the gun sidewise to a 45 degree angle so as to keep theother hand free to ward off bystanders. I thought this was just someHollywood gangsta crap, but was how they were actually teaching officers toshoot when the situation called for one handed shooting. I gave it a tryand my accuracy didn't suffer much. A good sight picture is agood sight picture no matter the angle of the pistol. It was acomfortable way to shoot.

    Any members of the Grand Prairie Gun Club here on TexasGun Talk?


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    Aug 31, 2013
    Grand Prairie, TX
    I didn't even know there was a Grand Prairie Gun Club. I live in Grand Prairie and go to Shoot Smart (used to be Great Southwest Guns)
    Much nicer lanes now since they're remodeling the place.


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    Dec 24, 2012
    Hill County
    The .40 is a much snappier firing load than the 9. But it can be ohhh so much fun to shoot :twin:The one handed shooting technique has been around since well before WWII and is what I was taught at the ripe old age of 17 while in service in the U.S. Navy. And as a one handed shooter now at a Much older age, it's still my style of shooting. I will say though, a 45 degree angle is not necessarily the perfect angle or grip for that style of shooting. For me, a straight 90 degree or about 30+- degree angle works better. All depending on my position or stance during practice. And it also depends on which weapon I'm firing at the time as well. Normally, with my revolvers, it a straight 90ish angle. With my CZ, it's a slightly tilted angle. With my M&P, it's more of a straight on 90, or about 35 degrees. Being a front sight shooter mostly, the angle is really a non issue for the most part. 'Cept for the longer range shots of course.

    One of the most interesting, and yet frustrating parts of a one handed shooting style is the muscle control of that arm. And how I get to be my most accurate about 1/2 way through my run. It's like I'm a three day old kitten when I start, then I'm the Hulk and Superman all in one about half way through. Then suddenly, I'm Rubberman and can't sight in on $&it at the end.

    Glad your happy with your two newly aquired hobby implements and hope they last a good long time.


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    Jan 27, 2013
    Wife and I took her work galfriend (a VERY new shooter - who wants, eventually, to get her CHL) to the range last week - so that she could shoot a variety of pistols/calibers

    her Son had talked her into buying a G23 a few rounds ago - big mistake

    she's a somewhat smallish gal, like I said a new shooter and the .40cal Glock is completely wrong (too much) for her

    too bad (the Son said they would have "caliber" in common 'cause he's got .40cal pistols !!!!! moron)

    (I've got a never fired/NIB g19 that I had thoughts about offering to trade to her but seein' as how I just met her, I didn't)
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    Apr 5, 2011
    A small shooter learning to shoot with a compact .40? Common sense isn't. Good thing you are teaching her rather thanher son. I like to shoot theGlock19. It is a smooth shooter. The Glock23 will come with practice. I have a Taurus 740 Slim that fits nicely ina cargo pocket. I disliked the kick onit so badly at first that I bought it in 9mm thinking I might get rid of the.40. Now that it is broken in I love the.40 and if the wife doesn't want the 9mm it'll be the one that goes up forsale. The .40 just takes some getting used to. Funny how I bought a Star .45 20 years ago and the recoil never bothered me. Maybe its an age thing or just realizing that I'm not bullet proof. Maybe it was the DB9 that blew up in my hand. I wasn't injured, but it took 6 months before I could enjoy going to the range again.


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    Aug 9, 2013
    south of killeen
    What I wad taught msny years ago for one hand shooting was to:
    Take your normal grip,
    Stand approximately 45 degrees to the target,
    Bring EMPTY gun to aim,
    Relax and close your eyes, count to ten,
    Open and see how far you are off and adjust,
    Repeat as often as possible, this is the angle your body wanrs to be at and with enough practice will do without thinking just like your grip

    from a non-recovering coffeeholic


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    Oct 24, 2013
    Just fired my S&W SDW9VE and then a Glock 19.... What a world of difference!!! The Glock is so much smoother... Oh and it was a Gen 4 Glock.
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