GoGun Talon AR15 Muzzle Brake

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May 29, 2017
Austin, TX
The guys at GoGun mailed me one of their new muzzle brakes to test out with the notion that it was the "best on the market" and they got the unspilt beer to prove it (See their video on YouTube).

GoGun Talon Muzzle Brake: $98.50
Welcome to GoGun

The brake is very aggressive looking and features 9 total ports. The main chamber has a flat facetted baffle that sheds spent gases and forces them into the main ports that are indexed in an X-pattern. This is unique to many brakes out there on the market, and seems to be the recipe to it's success. The final vent hole is located on the top of the brake and is solely there to restrain verticle jump.

GoGun Talon vs. Miculek

So with the new brake we grabbed the AR and headed out to the range to give a test. We put it up against three other options, the popular and tried and true Miculek brake, an AK74-Style Brake, and a standard birdcage.

Test Rifles:
(1) 20" AR15 / (2) 16" AR15 Carbines

Rifle 1 Mods: Standard Configuration A3 AR15
Rifle 2 Mods: Aimpoint / Fore-Grip Handle / Single Piece Sling
Rifle 3 Mods: Aimpoint / Fore-Grip Handle / Bipod

The first shots fired were out of the 20" AR15 which was in a standard A3 AR15 with the factory birdcage on it. There is a pronounced jump even with the much heavier full-size AR.

The second test consisted of the various AR15 carbines. The Miculek brake exhibited excellent verticle control, but tended to dance side to side somewhat at 50-Yards. The AK-Style brake did exactly the opposite, it seemed to hold zero in the side to side department but it strung the shots vertically more than the Miculek.

Inbetween each trial we screwed on the Talon brake and gave it a spin, and in every instance we found that the gun held it's current point of aim better than all of the brakes we tested. It even did so with considerably less concussive blast that the Miculek is especially bad about.

One thing I noticed is that the direction of the ports on the Talon brake does seem to be counter-productive in reducing the amount of dust and debris that are kicked up during prone shooting. It's tossed up to the side, unlike the Barrett style brakes that kick dust up all around the shooter, but with a proper head wind it will blow the dust in the shooters face. This is a common issue with alot of brakes, but it seems the more effective ones are worse about it.

For any action shooting, this brake seems to be worthy of anyones "to-do" list.
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