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Jul 14, 2020
It's gotten really difficult to score 9mm ammo at Academy. I guess I'm going on two weeks since the last time I made it home with any. After deciding I'm going to buy a .22cal Long rifle - something I've started adding that to my ammo list. Thus far I've managed to squirrel away 3,300 rounds of that but now that is getting difficult to find. Still don't have a handgun to shoot that with but I do have my Winchester Model 61.


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Aug 26, 2020
Was at an Academy on 59 and Kirby earlier and they had plenty of 124 grain Browning 9mm 150 packs for $31. Limit 3. I picked up 3 just because. They had a lot of Monarch 7.62X39 and .223 in the 400 round cans. Didn’t see a price and my hands were full so I couldn’t go check on the scanner.
nice! thanks for the tip! wonder if i can get down there before they close or maybe first thing in the morning??? looks like a lot of local academy locations got decent stocks of handguns this afternoon but nothing i wanted...which is great for my wallet!!!


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Managed to get 1000 rounds of Maxx Tech 9mm, but since I'm told they are from the same factory as the Tulu stuff, I'm not highly confident it is quality. It doesn't stick to a magnet though. At $0.36/round it is slightly overpriced for the product. I would have paid that easily for Federal, PMC, Speer or Remington, but Maxx's a little painful.

[Update] I went back and checked my account and Brownell's actually honored their initial price. So it is closer to $0.23/round. They first invoiced me $218 and then later charged me a higher price. I complained and they said they'd look into it, but the $0.36 was more in line with the market. They finally honored the price at the time I purchased it.

I haven't found any good and available source of ammo on the web. By the time Ammoseek lists it, it's been gone for a few minutes or more. Can't run by my local Academy with my day job demands. Lucked out on hitting Brownell's site in just the right 10 second window it takes to get an order in.
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Feb 11, 2019
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Maybe old news, but I just seen that Brownells is now charging sales tax for Texas.

I've cancelled quite a few online orders (out of spite) when I found out I had to pay tax. Just makes it harder for them to be competitive with those that don't charge tax.


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Sep 5, 2019
Looks like Berry’s has some 9mm 115 and 124 grain factory second bullets available. $94 (per 1,000) and free shipping if I remember right

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Dec 24, 2012
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Agreed. Mostly ho-hum but a few gems in the pile. 15% "Buyers Premium" and auction is based out of Ohio so you got to factor in shipping and FFL fees. Not looking promising....
Yup. Saw the where, and the particulars, and I quietly stepped back and went on my way.
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