Good wallet for money and coins?


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Apr 20, 2020
Coins go from my pocket to the night stand or coin jar PDQ upon getting home, or they go in the center console in the van. I don't like carrying a bunch of coins. For years I did *everything* in cash - from paying rent, to utilities, to shopping. I always put my coins in a jar when I got home.

After a year of doing that, I had saved up ~$350 in coins. That paid for half of my wife's engagement ring.

I want a more minimal wallet than I have - I use a leather single-fold thin wallet right now, I carry my ID, couple plastic spendy cards, costco card, fishing license, and AAA card. I'm thinking of making one out of kydex and O-rings that is a lot smaller over-all than what I use now.


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Feb 1, 2009
Some things can't really be evaluated by trolling Amazon.
Got to WallyWorld, yes I wrote that.
In or around the Men's dept. you will find a large display of wallets. They will mostly be out of their package thanks to prior patrons. So you can play with them look them over and make a choice. Then rifle around and find your choice in a new package and go buy it.


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Apr 7, 2016
I have been using western style leather wallets for a great number of years now, even pre-dating my having a smart phone.

What I have done is the wallet holds my slim smart phone perfectly, and I can carry just the bare minimum of cards, ID and cash as well, and all in one place.
Where do you keep your western style wallet? I see it sticking out a ton in a back pocket and it might fit in a front pocket until you sit down.
I’m perplexed; I’ve never encountered pants/jeans without functional pockets. Therein may lie the problem.
Jean/clothes shopping for me is a nightmare. I just spent about a hour going through the jeans at academy. There were maybe 3 jeans in my size area. I tried a Wrangler classic fit in 32x34 and a Wrangler Cowboy cut 936 slim fit 30x32. The classic fit was too loose on the legs and made my donkey look worse then it already does. Fit nice in the waist feeling and height. 936 doesn't go to my heels like the other and its shorter in the waist but I think it might be alright. Neither have good pockets... I got the 936 because I was desperate for a new pair.

My heavily worn are some Wrangler 47mwz 31x32. They're similar in the waist. My appendix carry might be a little too tight on the 30x32 936... I was shopping in my clean Arizona 29x32 which were very snug on the waist and every time I crouched my ankles showed so so much. I don't ever wear then unless I need too. Needed chopsticks to get stuff out of my pockets. Also got some Arizona jeans with spandex in them and they shrunk too much the 2nd wash I couldn't wear them anymore, way too tight in the seat/waist.

Growing up I was always bought Urban Pipe Fitters. I don't remember if the pockets were any good.

I bought some Dickies Khaki shorts, 31 waist 13" long loose fit. The waist is perfect, the pockets seem very functional, no problems getting my hand in there. They might be a bit shallow. But they seem to be big, big boy thigh shorts. That was the last time I ever bought clothing off the internet.

If I could ever find a good pair of jeans with good pockets as well. I would probably just throw the coins in a front pocket but anything I have, the coins would fall out of my hands trying to put in the pockets.

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Aug 8, 2018
San Antonio, TX
Since your going to leave your coins at home, all you need is something to put them in to get them home. Something like:



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