Got a new-to-me GP100...


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Mar 5, 2008
Texas of course
I'm not a revolver guy at all but I do like to keep one in my collection. I prefer Ruger's over the rest and I prefer .357mag's. I sold my last SP101 to a buddy, after that I didn't have a revolver so I needed to fill the gap. Well I traded for one and picked it up from my dealer yesterday. Nothing special I know but she's just so purdy :cool: (All my other revolvers have been stainless but I'm liking the looks of this blued better). Anyways, here she is...blued, 4" barrel, Williams FireSights, Elk horn grip inserts from Grashorns Gunworks and a very nice trigger job (both DA and SA are sweeeet).



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Apr 3, 2009
San Antonio
Holy crap, want.

Been looking for a GP100 blued in 3", but prices are stupid high now.
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