Grand Jury Indicts Refugio Police Chief

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    REFUGIO - A Refugio County grand jury has handed up an indictment against the Refugio police chief.
    Police Chief Chris Brock was indicted Wednesday on felony theft by a public servant, felony misapplication of fiduciary property and abuse of official capacity.
    The charges are the result of an investigation by the Texas Rangers and FBI that spanned several years. Surprise and shock is the best way to describe how people are taking the news.
    "He's done nothing wrong. He's a good man. He's a good preacher," Brock's 16-year-old daughter, Stormy Brock, said. "It just breaks [our family's] hearts to hear all this."
    However, the district attorney said there was no surprise as they began looking at the evidence.
    Mayor Rey Jasso said Brock walked into his office Thursday and told him he was turning himself in to the FBI and the Texas Rangers.
    District Attorney Mike Sheppard said suspicions over Brock's suspected misuse of forfeiture funds arose in 2002. After several complaints in 2006, Sheppard asked the Texas Rangers and FBI in Victoria to investigate.
    They suspect tens of thousands of dollars from a $2 million drug seizure in 2002 were misused.
    "A good portion of that money was spent on legitimate law enforcement purposes, but a portion of it, the indictments allege, was misapplied or stolen," Sheppard said.
    Sheppard revealed Brock also made money off of selling a truck and an SUV to the Refugio Police Department and those vehicles are suspected to have been bought with money from the forfeiture account the chief oversaw.
    "There are some allegations the vehicles were sold to the police department for more than what they were worth, and allegations that they were purchased for less than what they were worth," Sheppard stated.
    "Every single thing that they say that's used the money for has all been stuff that he had approval for from through his city council and the mayor," Stormy said.
    Sheppard, along with other officials, are surprised that Brock, who has been chief for about nine years, is in so much trouble.
    "It's not a happy day for us. It's the kind of thing we do with a heavy heart, but it's my responsibility to do it. I don't enjoy doing it when it's someone I know or someone I have a personal affection for," Sheppard stated.
    "My dad is my ultimate hero. The greatest person I know, probably one of the best and honest men I could ever describe," Stormy said.
    The mayor said Brock is still the police chief, which means he still has his gun, badge and vehicle.
    A decision on his status will be made at next Tuesday's city council meeting.
    Online Reporter: Thomas Piland

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    At least he was a man and turned himself in.
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    Money is a tempting thing

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