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Green Eye Tactical Intermediate CQB 9-11NOV19 Cresson (DFW), Texas

Discussion in 'Training & Competition' started by Green Eye Tactical, Jul 30, 2019.

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    Green Eye Tactical Intermediate CQB 9-11NOV19 Cresson (DFW), Texas

    Green Eye Tactical

    Intermediate CQB Course

    3 Days/ 2 Nights

    09-11 November 2019

    Cresson (DFW), Texas

    The Intermediate CQB Course is designed to build on the CQB Fundamentals course and introduce the student to more complex tasks. You will be introduced to the same building block skills taught to Tier 1 Operators during CQB training. Emphasis will be placed on the basic fundamentals and a firm understanding of tactics in order to build a solid base for more advanced training. This is a rifle and pistol course. Night iterations will be conducted using white light or IR devices (not mandatory). You will leave this course with a solid understanding of the more complex and collective CQB tasks.

    **Completion of a Green Eye Tactical Basic or Fundamentals CQB course is mandatory for attendance**


    • CQM Review
    • Rifle to Pistol Transitions
    • CQB Fundamentals and Principles Review
    • 4 Man (Team) Entry Review
    • Hallways
    • Corner Clearance (Deliberate and Dynamic)
    • 3-Way Intersections
    • 4-Way Intersections
    • Movement Tactics (VDO to LCC)
    • Assault Types (Emergency, Hasty Deliberate, Deliberate)
    • Assault Planning
    • Team Brief backs
    • Multiple Team Entry
    • Contingencies
    • Night CQB (optional)


    • Completion of a Green Eye Tactical Basic or Fundamentals level CQB course. **NO EXCEPTIONS**


    • Body Armor (with front, back and side plates)
    • Ballistic Helmet
    • Suitable Outdoor Clothing
    • Gloves
    • Eye Protection
    • Digital Ear Protection
    • Knee Pads
    • Ability to Hydrate
    • Ability to Carry (Min): 3 Rifle Magazines
    • Ability to Carry (Min): 1 Pistol Magazine
    • Rifle Suitable for Training w/Sling
    • Close Combat Optic (EoTech EXPS3.0 or Aimpoint T-2 recommended)
    • Pistol Suitable for Training
    • Pistol Holster Suitable for Training
    • 4 Rifle Magazines (minimum)
    • 3 Pistol Magazines (minimum)
    • 700 Rounds, Rifle (800 if Participating in Night Iterations)
    • 250 Rounds, Pistol (350 if Participating in Night Iterations)
    • Weapons Lights, NVG compatible Optic, and/or Laser Aiming Device for all Weapons if Participating in Night Iterations
    • Weapons Cleaning Kit
    • Weapons Oil
    • Inclement Weather Gear (Rain/Cold)

    Check out the Green Eye Tactical Facebook page for more details:

    Sign up at the following link:

    48416477477_8ca39cd057_k.jpg Training Flyer 2019-2020 by Green Eye Tactical, on Flickr

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