Guess he dropped the gun.


Aug 24, 2011
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Looks like he dropped the gun while he was in the middle of the truck bed and looked like he made his right hand look like a gun, his pointer finger facing down with his thumb up.

Keep in mind that I said....likes like NOT that he did.


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Jul 14, 2020
Famous last words.

George Strait recorded that guys theme song "Famous Last Words of a Fool"

22 Seconds from the first "Show me your hands!" to the last "Nope!"
@24 Seconds in to it and it was history.

Lesson learned - If you're going to do stupid shit in front of a cop holding a gun on you hollering "Drop the gun!!!" you need to hurry because ya' ain't gonna get much time!

Second lesson learned. The word "NOPE" seems to trigger(pun intended) a very negative reaction from some police officers. Well, negative if you're the one that uttered the word that is.


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Jun 28, 2012
Guess his father didn't stick around long enough to teach him what consequences were. My firm belief is that guys like this were raised by women, and some women try and do a decent job, but you can tell if there were men in a man's life, by the quality of his character. Some of us weren't fortunate enough to have fathers who stuck around, but for those of us who turned out pretty decent anyway, we most likely had mothers who tried their damnedest to be a father too, but more importantly had a man, or two in our lives who stepped up and became a father figure.

My father took off, a Puerto Rican thing, it seems. Gotta get that pussy... Till this very day, my brothers and I thank my Grandfather (Grandpa Jerry). He's my mother's step father and we knew him since we arrived into this world. He's a no nonsense, tough ass Vietnam vet who fathered us like we were his own kids. Still does to this day. I had no relationship with biological grandfathers, my uncles were all young when I was growing up and they were more like cousins, and my father lived a LEO life in the DEA and other organizations, allowing it to get to his head to the point where, I suppose, he figured since he was James Bond, he need to chase the ladies like James Bond, and so he left us to grow up poor and fatherless.

I thank God, every day that Grandpa Jerry was man enough for all of those men who meant nothing to my brothers and I on a disciplinary level. We also thank my mother, who beat the stupid out of us so hard and often that it amounts to about 10x of what people go to jail for ("child abuse"), today. Last year we all pitched in and got the old man his first AR.

For those of you who know young men, family or not, who don't have fathers, maybe YOU can be the difference between dick head in the video, and dick head typing this post. We all have to step up, as men, and help this broken society mold boys into men.

God bless.



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