Gun range opens in West Odessa

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    Oct 4, 2013
    Gunz are icky.



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    May 31, 2012
    Wildcat Thicket, Texas
    OK. So I drove out to the approximate location as the address given was unknown to my otherwise very reliable GPS.

    I am assuming that the "new" range is at the old place off of I-20 well west of town (almost across the interstate from the huge materials plant that sits right on the bluff) where they used to hold CHL classes.

    The gate was open so I drove in to find no one there and no new berms to speak of so I may not have been in the right place. There is a new sign by the gate that I had not noticed before advertising Brush Mountain Outfitters, one of the better LGS in Odessa.

    I did not see any evidence of new work being done or any other shooting lanes other than the pistol range berm that has been there for years.

    Not sure if I was in the right place or not I continued west on I20 to the Penwell exit and turned around and headed back to town.

    I knew they weren't supposed to be open at the time I went but I hoped to find something... anything that might match the writeup in OP's link. Sadly, I was unsuccessful. I didn't take any pics to share because I didn't find anything worthy of pics.

    The West Odessa range has been a rumor for over a year now and as far as I'm concerned it will remain as such until I can verify otherwise.

    I have left a voicemail with Jon Vanderlaan, the author of OP's linked article. I'll add more once I get a response from him.

    EDIT: Sorry for the late update. I got my ass kicked when I got back to my trailer last night. Storm blew in and tore my shit up. Guys from the park had to let me out of my trailer due to all the crap that blew into it from around the park. I couldn't get my door open and was considering going out one of the emergency exit windows when I heard them outside moving stuff away from my door. Needless to say I was busy the rest of the night wading in 1 & 2 foot floodwater cleaning up. All my skylights are busted, being replaced now, and I have a bunch of propane tanks of various sizes here that blew in from around the park so if you're missing one...


    Big time.

    But I'm alive so everything's good.

    A screenshot taken just before all Hell broke loose:
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