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Gun Safes - Costco ?

Discussion in 'Gun and Product Reviews' started by pbridges, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. bigj480

    bigj480 New Member

    Jul 25, 2008
    I was chatting with a locksmith back and forth when I purchased my safe. He was of the opinion that the overwhelming majority of gun safes are not that great. I was surprised that most of them having drywall layers as fire protection (no UL fire protection rating) and the metal was thinner than I imagined. I ended up buying a commercial safe off of craigslist from a jewelry wholesaler for something like $700. Actual UL fire rating and burglary rating, metal and concrete, 1200 lbs and an S&G lock like you see on the nice gun safes. No provisions for gun storage of course. That said, most people would probably be well served by the type of safe that was linked to. We should all have insurance on our firearms anyway. I just think the high end gun safes get a bit overpriced for what they are compared to commercial safes.

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  2. Gummi Bear

    Gummi Bear Active Member

    Mar 24, 2015
    You can always buy a budget friendly safe, and upgrade the lockset to a S&G 6730 or similar.

    My safe is about 10 years old, with an electronic lock. I've changed the battery on it once in that time.

    I plan to upgrade my lock one of these days, and I'll do my Dad's at the same time.

    I plan to cut the bottom off my safe, and make it a foot taller one of these days too. I regret buying a 60" tall safe. I'll redesign the interior at that time as well for something that suits my needs better.

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  3. Mikewood

    Mikewood Well-Known

    Jan 8, 2011
    I can’t speak to some of the electronic locks on the market but about 20 years ago I purchased a Sargent and Greenleaf electronic lock to replace my S&G mechanical lock. It has followed me all over the country and moved many times. I got it at a little family locksmith and shop and installed it myself. Just game them the model of my mechanical and it was an easy swap.

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  4. bigj480

    bigj480 New Member

    Jul 25, 2008
    I didn't know it was that easy to swap, that's pretty cool. I think most would-be thieves would just try to brute force the thing and cut a hole in the side or something. If they are idiots they might go after the door instead, which is harder to get through on most safes.
  5. AustinN4

    AustinN4 TGT Addict

    Nov 27, 2013
    I didn't either, and also didn't realize the electronic pads were as reliable as they are. One of my safes has some creep in the combos. Nothing that I can't compensate for but am now considering replacing it with one of the S&G electronics.
  6. ZX9RCAM

    ZX9RCAM Over the Rainbow bridge... TGT Supporter

    May 14, 2008
    The Woodlands, Tx.
    For the record, if speed is a concern for those of you with mechanical locks, just put all the numbers in up till the last one during the final spin.
    Stop at a good point, and just don't forget what number it needs to stop on, and which direction you need to go to complete the combo.
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  7. deemus

    deemus my mama says I'm special

    Feb 1, 2010

    I have both, and the electronic is awesome. Love it.
  8. avvidclif

    avvidclif Sturgis '95, RFTW 2010

    Aug 30, 2017
    Van Zandt County
    Some time back I was looking for another safe and was considering the Cannon brand. I found a website talking about them. Nothing against the electronic locks but if they die or get damaged you get to pay a locksmith to get in your safe. Cannon had no back-up plan and I passed. I thought the Stack-On safes were toys until I saw one of the larger ones (27-30 gun). It weighed more than the same size Cannon or most of the others of that size (450 lbs) PLUS you can remove the electronic dial and it has a weird looking key that can open the safe. So I got one. It's not the quality or weight (>600lbs) of my old Winchester safe (w/S&G mechanical lock) of the same size but it'll do. The door on the Winchester is 1/4" steel plate, not rolled 12ga.
  9. pbridges

    pbridges New Member

    Jul 5, 2017
    I’m looking at building one out 5mm steel temp,ed. So far it’s 150$ in steel, next pricing good locking bolts and the spin handle.

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  10. Brassguy

    Brassguy Member

    Aug 15, 2017
    Wichita Falls
    I've bought two of them from Costco in the past. Couldn't be more pleased. Reallly loved that delivery was included. I didn't have to worry about trying to transport it.

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