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Discussion in 'Guns for Sale' started by junkyguns, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member

    remington 700 adl 270 black /matte 7rounds fired $375----------gone
    remington 1100 12ga vr skeet fixed choke $450
    remington 1100 12ga vr mod fixed choke $450-------------------gone
    remington 1100 12ga 3" mag fixed full30" $500
    remington 870 12ga 2-3/4 full 28" wingmaster $350
    winchester 1917 30-06 sporterized super blue $350
    carl gustav 6.5x55 swed all original very good cond$400
    remington 700 cdl 243 win w/vxII leupold fired 13 times $900-----------gone
    s&w 686 4" stainless revolver hogue grips $500------------------------gone
    mosin nagant m-44 7.62x 54 with spike very good $175
    rock island officers model 45 acp fair to good.... $350------------------gone
    glock 31 ,357 sig laser max , tac light 3 mags ammo $950 ($300 in ammo.)---------ggggggone
    winchester 94ae last issue 30-30 win unfired $700---------------------gone
    F.I.E. pardner 410 $80--------------------------------------------------gone
    mosin nagant(#2) excellent condition $225

    just to many guns in the safe that i dont use trades considered cash prices are firm on most

  2. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member


    here is the 686 it is a 6 shot not the newer 7 shot 686+
  3. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member

    4128947672_678a4fc8ee.jpg here is the glock
  4. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member

    also add a winchester 1300 12 ga to the list 28" win choke with 3 chokes and a 22"slug barrel w/rifle sights $350 3" gun
  5. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member

    what have you got ?
    keep in mind the rock is in truck gun condition not beat but has wear
  6. Euclid

    Euclid New Member

    Nov 22, 2009
    Where in east Texas are you?
  7. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member

    I am located in RIchardson near Dallas
  8. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member


    here is the rock island officers model the bottom one
  9. usmcpmi

    usmcpmi Active Member

    Mar 15, 2009
    Central Texas
    junky, the winchester 1300, is the slug bbl. rifled?? MG
  10. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member

    the win 1300 barrel is not rifled but has rifle sights the gun is in very good condition , the 28" vented rib barrel ha the win choke system with full, mod , IC choke tubes included , the wrench for them is in a field where doves once flew .....


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