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HA! This smart shotgun looks cool, but it’s a little much for me…

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  • JColumbus

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    Jun 28, 2012

    “In other news, the would be mass shooter who was caught at his high school, pleads not guilty, saying he was only intending to mass record his peers. Meanwhile, the surviving officer of yesterday’s failed no knock warrant apologizes to the families of his colleagues, saying that when his partner yelled for him to shoot, he started to record the altercation. President Joe Biden has banned the gun from being imported into the united states, stating that shotguns with high capacity RAM and extended SSD clips have no place on America’s streets. Republicans fear further action on phones and laptops. Dianne Fienstien calls for a ban on cameras with lenses longer than 5 inches. Former president Donald Trump suggests taking cameras away first, and asking questions later, as all Walmarts and Sams clubs ban the Canon camera brand due to the brand’s name being too close to a smart ordinance weapon, after last week’s fatal shooting of a teenager who raised his camera toward officers. One yelled he’s got a Canon which led to three other officers emptying their clipazenes into the strait A student. His parents release a statement saying that they plan to sue Nikon for pricing their cameras out of their son’s budget, blaming Nikon for the incident.”


    Self Appointed Board Chauvinist
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    May 12, 2009
    yeah looks pretty sick, but i was hoping for an AA style radar targeting system for birds and clays

    Tactical Panda

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    Jun 30, 2019
    That's just what I need, another camera recording me touching myself while it sits in the corner of my bedroom.
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