Hand gun question

Bob Sacamano

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Mar 28, 2009
I don't have my license yet. Can I legally carry my gun inside my vehicle in the glove box ? I know I can't take it into a local store but was not sure about carrying it in my vehicle


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Apr 13, 2008
Houston, Texas
Yes, it is legal but you may wish to consider a place where it is still concealed but highly accessible. It won't do you much good if you are about to get jacked and you have to fumble or reach across to retrieve you gun. Just something to think about. This applies even if you have a CHL.


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May 28, 2008
Ft Worth, TX
It is NOT legal to carry in a vehicle if;

(1) the handgun is in plain view; or
(2) the person is:
(A) engaged in criminal activity, other than a Class C misdemeanor that is a violation of a law or ordinance regulating traffic;
(B) prohibited by law from possessing a firearm; or
(C) a member of a criminal street gang, as defined by Section 71.01.
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