Has anyone seen any Springfield 1911's for Sale??

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  • lastchance1701d

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    Jun 4, 2009
    Fort Worth, TX

    What I am looking for specifically is either a Springfield Loaded Champion or a Ultra-Compact. I am specifically looking for the stainless finish because I want it exclusively for use as my carry weapon. I mentioned this in the other thread I started a week ago, but I am starting a new thread because I haven't had any luck locating either. In fact, multiple gun shops have told me that they have been hounding Springfield about getting them in. These aren't small local shops either they are larger stores and two were chains. One store even told me that the original order request was first placed back at the end of 2007. Does anyone know of any stores that have either of these guns in stock? I live around the DFW area, but I don't mind traveling further to make the purchase. Also, does anyone know whats going on with SA? I know that demand is up and everything is hard to come by, but I haven't heard of anything like this with the exception of AR-15's. What's the deal?

    Thanks for everyone's help.
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