Hays County TX, shooting ordinances

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  • mosin

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    Mar 21, 2013
    I saw something about it back in 2008, but didnt look like it actually got passed or put into affect.

    Anything preventing me from plinking with a 22 if I buy 5 acres in an unincorporated area? Nothing in the covenants for the subdivision against it. It says "no hunting" but says nothing about discharging a firearm and I'd have a very large ranch behind me, no neighbors across the road or to my right. Only one to my left on a larger 6+ acre tract. Best I can tell the covenants are not in effect anymore anyways, no HOA and they expired back in 2002 so unlikely they were ever renewed. Not like I'd break out the m38 at midnight but if I want to just dick around with a 10/22 on a saturday afternoon would it be legal?

    Always an excuse to throw down on a suppressor and a 300blk build either way I suppose.

    On a side note WTF with all these lots WAYYY out in the country like even out past Seguine or up near Bastrop having restrictions against livestock and such. If I gotta drive 3 miles down a friggin caliche road I think I'm entitled to have a friggin chicken. I looked at a few lots right next to the Lone Star Range and they even had restrictions on it!
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