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  • CrazedJava

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    Sep 5, 2013
    As technical details have been released a lot of us that were or are software developers are shaking our head in disbelief.

    For $634 million dollars with 3 years of development they should have been able to overcome a lot of the technical hurdles. For that time and money though, they should have been reworking or upgrading the architecture of the other systems they had to interface with.

    The other problem is not showing the insurance cost ranges until people put in all of their information. People may not bother to sign up if they had an upfront estimate of their costs. Of course, that is a feature not a bug, but it complicates the whole mess because EVERYBODY who is interested has to hit several systems which execute a complex set of queries across multiple systems run by multiple entities just to find out what their cost will be before they sign up. It's like saying you can't decide to put ketchup on your shit sandwhich until you've had a bite first to make sure you really need it.

    The whole thing is a boondoggle and will take millions more to fix and it's not going to be a "weekend fix". At this point they essentially need to scrap the project.

    Democrats really wonder why people don't trust big government? 3 years and $634 million dollars on a project that would have bankrupted most private companies. All for something a majority of the people didn't want, didn't ask for, and didn't want to pay for.



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