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Apr 30, 2008
Fort Worth
Hey Everyone,

Lookin' like a fun site. I've had a little Bersa .380 for a few years as home protection (I've got chihuahuas too, so, what do ya do), and last Christmas my wife bought me a Kimber Ultra Carry 2 Stainless .45 with the night sights and the CHL class to boot(what a woman!!!!). I've gotta say, the Bersa shot ok, jammed alot, and just didn't really engender a love for shooting. I wasn't brought up with guns (Dad was a Sgt Mgr in the Army, go figure) in the house. After walking up to 3 guys robbing my house and only having a little pocket knife I went right out and bought what I could afford, thanks Bersa. Well after getting the Kimber, well, WOW what a difference. On top of looking cool, this thing is fun as heck to shoot. It's never jammed, and I've used a bunch of different ammo. I can now actually shoot a 1 inch grooping at 75 feet. I've never done any competition but I think this is pretty darn good for me. I'm pretty new to the gun world and am interested in what all is out there.


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