Hello from NW Houston (Magnolia)


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May 30, 2008
Houston, Texas
Just learned about this forum on M1911.ORG and immediately signed up. I am sure that my wife will be thrilled to learn there is a new gun forum to occupy my spare time. :D

I started out with hunting rilfes, then added several shotguns for bird hunting and then was bitten by the black rifle disease. My most recent addiction has been semi-custom 1911s. I recently picked up a Nighthawk T3 and have a Talon on order.

Thanks for starting this forum.

CZ guy

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May 13, 2008
Left of Galveston Bay
Yep, another gun forum. KEWL! And this one has folks posting about places I've been or can go to during a short trip. ;)

You are gonna make the Pasadena Gun Show this weekend aren't you? I'll be the guy in the gray shirt with the Dr Pepper looking for a deal on mags to fit my new S&W M&P 15X. :rolleyes:

Welcome to the forum.
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