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Mar 9, 2014
Parker, TX
I live in a great little town just north of Dallas called Parker. Two miles from my home is Southfork Ranch where the popular TV series Dallas was filmed. It's been voted #1 for two years in a row from Dallas Magazine.

I love my God, family, country, US Constitution and the great state of Texas! I wasn't born here but moved here as fast as I could :) Originally I grew up in Upstate New York and worked for a defense contractor there.

I joined the Collin County IDPA about two years ago and really love it. It sure beats shooting at the range and while I have a LONG way to go I've gotten a lot more confident with defending myself with a handgun if the need arises. In addition, I've made some great friends at the club and the exercise I get from the weekend matches is just what I need to stay healthy.

I own a small business now here in the Dallas area that writes software. I'd like to introduce free software I've written for IDPA. I've read the forum rules and since I'm giving it away for free it should not violate the conditions I agreed to.
Now that I've become addicted to IDPA I wanted to improve the sport by contributing my programming skills (personally I have over 32 years programming for defense industry, healthcare, medical research, match.com, real estate, recruiting and more). I had overheard many conversations about how current IDPA software all has it's shortcomings. Most of the software appears to be from people that program part time or while they may be good programmers, don't have the experience rolling out hundreds of software applications for small companies all the way to Fortune 500 companies like we do. Knowing that the software would be tough to sell I just decided to give it away as an advertisement of the great software we write.

This past Christmas vacation (much to the annoyance of my wife) I enjoyed writing UberScoreMaster.com. The intent is NOT to replace paper entry but to greatly enhance the match signup, score entry and publishing of results. Since I started publicizing the new software last month we have 27 clubs using it. 2 are from Italy and 1 US military team.

We've had many product improvement suggestions from new users and have implemented them ALL. I'm hoping we can all put our ideas into this and grow it to something that fits most everyone's IDPA software needs.

Please view the following videos (below) that briefly goes over all the features.

There is nothing to install and it's 100% free - no catches. I'm just a huge IDPA fan like you and wanted to contribute.

If you have any suggestions for improving it I am eager to put them in.

Part 1
UberScoreMaster Rapid IDPA Score Entry and Publishing Part 1/2 - YouTube
Part 2
UberScoreMaster Rapid IDPA Score Entry and Publishing Features Part 2/2 - YouTube


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Oct 4, 2013
Gunz are icky.
Welcome to TGT from south of Houston.

Ignore anybody here with Glock in their name and you'll do well. :laughing:


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Jan 12, 2013
Katy, TX
Welcome to TGT!
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