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Dec 24, 2008
I found the forum doing a Google search for "DFW silencer". I am looking to
buy a 22LR can and was hoping to find a dealer close to me. Saw the thread
about carrying a suppressed pistol in a vehicle with a CHL and after reading
the thread and finding many intelligent and well thought out responses,
I decided to join.

I enjoy shooting, camping, golf, poker and computers. I had planned my
first NFA weapon to be a Cavalry Arms CAV-15 registered as a SBR but since
I have to return the receiver for warranty issues and they told me that a
replacement would have another serial number so I have to wait on the SBR.
I am a little disappointed by that but since the main reson for the CAV-15
lower is to build a 45ACP carbine and 45ACP uppers are a 5-6 month wait right now,
I am shifting to obtaining a 22LR can. I completed my trust setup yesterday
so I am ready to get some kind of NFA action! ;)




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Feb 22, 2008
Republic of Texas
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