Help a TGT Member in need!


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Feb 21, 2008
Austin, TX
One of our TGT members is facing a life crisis that could use the support of TGT and it's members. We've come together many times in the past to help out members that have fallen on hard times, and it's a great example of just how tight knit and close our community is. This time is no different. She has no job (is presently seeking), an impending foreclosure on her home, and a divorce. She is trying to get back on her feet and just needs a little assistance.

Most of you know (Elbe), she is the force behind most of the organization at the Hicksville event. If it is in your hearts to help, an account has been setup and 100% of the money goes to her. Paypal email is

Thanks to everyone for your time and listening!


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Sep 23, 2013
Well I'm out of work and living with family.So I know first hand, just being out of work can be hard enough.

I only have $16.42 in my paypal and I know its not much but I will send it over right after I post this!

Best of luck and Happy Holidays!


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Aug 21, 2013
Would there be any other way besides PayPal to send money?
I'm in the same boat.

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