Help me choose a breaker box/load center

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  • bbbass

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    Sep 2, 2020
    NE Orygun
    IF this is only going to power a one man shop, use a 60-to 100 A panel. IF you may want further buildings in the future, step up to a 200A panel. If some is good, more is BETTER!

    ^^^ This ^^^

    You think I need to go 200 amp or 100?
    Based on what I'm going to have

    With what you listed, IMO you only NEED a 60amp panel, considering that not every circuit will be drawing current at the same time.

    100 or 125 will give you extra ampacity and room for extra breakers for future expansion.

    If you think you might want to use that load center to power a sub-panel in a future garden center/storeroom/outbuilding/greenhouse/etc and/or put in an RV hookup (30 to 50 amps) I'd go with a small 200A. (fewer breaker positions than the biggest full size box)

    Square D is my fav also.

    Part of what you get will also depend on availability. Cost will most likely not make a big diff in what you choose, but yes I would shop around. As a contractor, I got a discount at the local elec/plumbing supply and as Lowes/Depot is so far away I used them a lot. Good advice there too. Esp don't take advice from big box store Lowes/Depot floor people!!!

    PS... I suggest making friends with your elec inspector and working closely with him/her/it/ze/they/them... they can save you a lot of rework if you ask questions ahead of time.
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    May 4, 2017
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    I would go bigger than you currently need, to have room to grow in the future. I'd plan for 200 amp.

    I ran a 50amp for our camper, but now want to hook up some power in my conex that is close by. Because I ran 6ga wire for the 50amp, I need 1ga to run 150-200amp. So now I need to pull the whole run again with 1ga, if I would have just went 1ga in the beginning I wouldn't have to pull the whole run & start over.


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    Apr 15, 2013

    Here is what we got. Grabbed some 15 amp beakers and just need a couple of 20s. But they are in short supply
    I won't need this for 5 weeks likely so I have time


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    Aug 21, 2013
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    No inspector .. this is rural
    The only inspection might be a quick peak by the provider when they hook up my meter
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    Here is what we got. Grabbed some 15 amp beakers and just need a couple of 20s. But they are in short supply
    I won't need this for 5 weeks likely so I have time
    That should do you just fine.

    Last two shops were basically one man wood shops, biggest load was usually a 5HP table saw, dust control and big air compressor.

    100A SquareD was more than sufficient.
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