Henry .22 Lever and a RDS

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  • BuzzinSATX

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    Dec 20, 2013
    New Braunfels
    I recently bought a new Henry basic .22 LR and came to the conclusion it needed better sights for my eyes. I wanted something quick and easy to shoot out to 100 yards. Looked at upgraded iron sights and peep sights, then scopes. Finally decided I’d put the same sight that sits on several of my handguns…a Swamp Fox Liberty.

    Using a Henry picatinny rail, I mounted the sight today. I roughly sighted it in based on the iron sights POA and will sight it in better next range visit.

    Just mounting the gun, dry firing, and cycling the lever to make follow up shots, it’s actually pretty fast…much faster than I can get back on target with irons. Live fire will prove if this stays true or not, but after setting it up, I’m hopeful and confident it will work.

    DF8E6FFD-ABDF-4E45-9E52-9F17600BD1FB.jpeg 5228053F-86EF-402B-AF77-B3CD75644996.jpeg

    If this works out well, the .357 or .44 lever I’m looking at down the road may wear the same optic.
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