Here is what ya missed in the Critical Care First Aid Concepts/Advanced Handgun class

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Feb 14, 2013
Just a little of what you missed out on if you were not in our CCFAC class in the Houston, TX area this last weekend. This was the first time that Combative Weapon Solutions offered a class in the Houston, TX area. Needless to say it was a tremendous success and we plan on offering two more classes there come 2014. Check our 2014 calendar for events in our Training Schedule page of our website. The link below will take you to the media folder on our website showing some of what took place in our Critical Care First Aid Concepts/Advanced Handgun class with Nolatac Firearms Training.

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And don't forget, we are offering 50% off all CWS specific class from January 1, 2014 through June 1st, 2014!!! That's $200 plus range fee for 2 DAYS/NIGHT of training!!! There simply is no legitimate excuse not not make a class if your serious about training. You simply will not find this caliber of training anywhere for that price. Seats are limited, so get signed up now to reserve your seat.

Lee Vernon
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