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  • grumper

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    Jul 5, 2012
    I found this at the High Caliber show today:


    It was on consignment with a dealer and the price was smoking, so I had to have it. Already checked the timing and everything seems to be ok. According the serial # it was manufactured in 1977 and had Patridge target front sight and Elliason adjustable rear sight installed at the factory.

    Has a few minor scratches and a very small pitted spot behind the cylinder release but otherwise in real good condition. Not sure what happened to the grips, they look like factory rubber grips but the medallion on one side is silver and the other side has a gold horsey medallion.

    Might just order another silver medallion and glue it into the grip. The factory wooden Python grips are hella expensive, seeing a bunch for $250-300 on ebay. :beat:

    But I got my grail revolver now and umm... spent waaaaaay too much money on gun stuff these last two weeks. :banghead:

    At least the ones I got were collectibles that will only go up in value. :cool:
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