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  • TexasHK

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    Jul 7, 2008
    Seguin, Tx
    Anyone out here know what night sights can be installed on a HK USP Expert in .45 ACP.
    I have heard rumors that there is not one true set and that one would have to mix and match to make a set.
    Any advice on what to use would be greatly appreciated.



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    I've had 2 Experts and like a lot of folks on the HKPro site have found that the Mep 21516 adj night sights work well on the Experts. However, the front sight is a bit high and a lot of people comment that you have to move the rear sight up about to the maximum to get it sighted it in. Some have used the Mep Adj rear sight but replaced the Mep front sight with an Ameriglo front sight, which is lower and provides a better range of adjustability. Note that the front sights intended for a Tactical model are taller so they'll work with a suppressor.


    Ameriglo has 2 front sights listed ...
    HK-156-89 "HK Expert 8.9mm"
    HK-156-105 "HK Tactical 10.55mm"

    Just feedback that I've read that might be helpful. I sadly had to sell my Expert or else I'd give this setup a try.
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