Hollywood actors, what a bunch of crybaby pussi...................

atticus finch

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Mar 7, 2013
As if being at Normandy on D-day wasn't enough, Charles Durning survived Malmedy, I never knew that. Going through that had to be almost unspeakable.........
I wonder what kind've memories filming D-day brought back for Eddie Albert, being he was at Tarawa......

General Zod

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Sep 29, 2012
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It mentions that Clark Gable was a B-17 gunner over Europe. What it doesn't mention is that the 44 year old Lieutenant Gable was expressly forbidden from combat by his superiors. He was supposed to be on a morale-building tour, but he kept sneaking off and talking his way onto combat missions, usually letting some lucky 18 year old kid sit out a mission while he flew in the kid's place as a waist gunner. Nobody's really sure exactly how many missions Gable snuck onto, but he definitely was not willing to sit on the sidelines while younger men took all the risks.
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