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Jan 22, 2013
San Marcos
I've hunted with my FIL for 30+ years. He's in a lease in South TX between George West and Alice. They haven't hunted any quail off of there in four years because of the drought. The guy who owns it is a Houston oil guy, nice as all get out, built an airstrip on it etc. It ain't slumming it anymore. He high fenced the first 5500 acres he bought and they had to shoot 200+ deer off of it per year. Then he bought another 7500 acres adjacent to it. FIL says they're finding 8 to 9 coveys per morning this year. We're just going to hunt dove and quail.

On another front, I would never go quail hunting with somebody who doesn't have trigger control. I've drawn a bead on people, dogs, etc. who I love dearly. You never know where those sneaky bastards are going to fly. When everybody blasted Chaney about shooting someone, have they ever gone quail hunting? No.

It's not as dramatic as the pigs, but I will post pics.
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