HOU Armed husband shoots, kills would-be robber

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  • Polarbear6

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    Jan 25, 2013
    Central Texas
    Good for the husband, well done. Too bad he now has to spend money on an attorney for the grand jury and deal with that stress on top of the stress he may feel already.

    The way the article reads, it sounds like they were going to go into the bar and he was carrying? Wonder how the GJ will feel about that.


    Sarcasm Sensei
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    Jan 15, 2012
    The way the article reads,

    The way it reads and factual writing are nuances of the trade.

    Words can be strung together that are factual, but leave a different impression.

    If you watched the news clip, the anchor-boy said "and could face charges". It is a fact because a Grand jury hasn't heard the case yet. And even though the likelihood of charges being brought are almost nil, saying that its possible leaves the audience thinking that what the guy did was potentially wrong and illegal.

    The article simply says the shooter drew his own gun.
    Maybe the writer failed to say the shooter was still in his car when approached, pulled the gun from the console and shot.

    I don't know, I wasn't there. But it is just as valid a scenario as the other.
    The lack of details certainly slants it towards the shooter being in the wrong in some form or fashion.


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    Apr 15, 2013
    the perp should have done more market research apparantly

    I would be interested to know if the citizen/victim got to keep his weapon or if the cops took it until the investigation was completed.
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    Dec 23, 2012
    Luvs me some ventilated thug news in the A.M.

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