House to vote on banning plastic firearms- AND THEY PASSED IT


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Jun 29, 2013
it would be great if they did ban these before one blows up in someone's face. Thus effectively driving up both gun and 3d printer prices or garnering more public hysteria about guns. As for sneaking in other measures to further regulate gun control...i doubt it. The public should (yes i know i huge leap of faith) be too savvy for that. However, with firearms and polictics i wouldn't be surprised if they did.


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Aug 21, 2013
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My question is will the Senate try to chuck this full of other gun control measures? And if they do, does it have to go back to the house for a vote on the new measures?
Any changes are supposed to be worked by a conference committee of members of both houses, and that outcome goes back to each house for another vote. That said, the critters always have some legal sleight of hand up their sleeves to circumvent the will of the people in favor of special interests, so you never know.

Today's HR passing is nothing more than "feel good" legislation, that gives the congress critters a warm and fuzzy feeling, and so they can say they "did something".

The net effect of the passage, like any other bit of gun legislation, will have no effect whatsoever on those who have no intention of following any law.

As far as the 3D printing issue, Pandora's Box is already open ...


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Feb 1, 2010
This only applies to the 3D printing guns, correct? Not to Glocks?


Jan 28, 2013
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This only applies to the 3D printing guns, correct? Not to Glocks?
HEY HEY!!!!! Lol
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