Houston class III transfers?


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Mar 16, 2009
Im looking to buy my first suppressor sometime this week. I was looking for transfer prices and only one local site mentioned actual prices. They want $100 to transfer any class III item. Is this the norm? I thought it was pretty steep myself but then again, Im new to this game. My friend who actually does the web design for Talon Arms suggested giving them a call but I havnt been able to get through to them yet. Who are you Houston guys using and how much should I be expecting to pay?


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Jul 15, 2008
Houston area
SC-Texas on this board is a C2 and will do transfers for C3 in Houston. He also does Trust or LLC for those that can not get a signature from the Houston prick list.


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Feb 7, 2009
Houston, TX
Thanks Mongo,

Slumlord and I do transfers (S & M Arms, LLC).

Robert & Mike at Talon Arms do transfers,

Jenn, owner of Texas Tactical does tranfers.

Keith Norman, NFA Investments is the man responsible for me getting into this business and sold me my first Machinegun. He does transfers and is located in Conroe.

Take your pick. Robert & Mike at Talon Arms are great people. Jenn (owner) and Hank at Texas Tactical are great people. Keith is great.

I consider all to be friends. You cannot go wrong with any of the above.



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Jan 10, 2010
Keith Norman seems like a fairly legitimate guy to do business with. He's the lowest NFA transfer price I've been able to find so far. Still waiting back on a few replies from other NFA dealers though.

Tejano Scott

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Jun 6, 2011
The Woodlands
Ahhh... I guess you answered my question from the other thread. Lol.
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