HOUSTON - TISAS zigana sport 9mm

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  • bluesboyk3

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    Apr 6, 2012
    i sold the mags separately so i'm passing on the savings to you.

    also pls text for any questions. will be more than happy to answer.
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    Folks, selling a full sized, 9mm, 5" ported barrel of goodness !!
    This is a Turskish made pistol from one of the largest weapon producer in turkey. It is made from NATO ISO certified factory. In Turkey they have a full auto version of this thing. You can youtube tisas zigana full auto and it will come up.
    Z?GANA OTOMAT?K - YouTube
    Tisas Zigana Full auto - YouTube

    Buds gun vids:
    Tisas Zigana Sport only at BudsGunShop.com - YouTube

    I got it from buds gun shop for 429.99 free shipping with 2 mags (1 15 rd, 1 18 rd).
    I went to the range 2 times and have put about 200 rds flawless rds through it. The porting makes it really nice to shoot, on par with G17 gen 4 that i rented at memorial shooting center. The porting is angled outward so the blast won't interrupt the sight picture. I went to ASC Tuesday night with my cousin around 4-6 pm and even in low light condition, it never blinded me. Mags drop free and i tested all of the mags also for reliability and they all worked great.

    The takedown is similar to beretta 92 minus the plunger. You don;t have to push the button from the other side, just empty the mag and twist the lever down. the grip on the right side covers the trigger bar like the beretta 92. BUT the grip is just a grip, they don't hold any certain piece together from what i remember. I took them off for cleaning without having to worry that anything would fall off. The grips also have relief cuts on the front, better ergonomics than the beretta 92 ( i have a PT92) even though they are almost the same width.

    The ejection port on the slide is cut to the other side to ensure proper function. slide release is extended as well. very easy to reach even on my medium sized hands.
    So you are getting an almost brand new super nice range toy. originally bought for IDPA purposes but later found out that ported barrel is not allowed. :banghead:
    With that being said, Since i really love this gun, i'm in no hurry to sell. Looking to get $500 for the gun and 5 mags. the mags are branded TISAS as well. Rumor says that the mags are compatible with sig P226 but does not have one to test. YMMV




    that is the target from memorial range. Mag is rested at the bench (that's the only thing making contact with the bench) slow fire 2 hands kneeling down 10 rds

    From what i heard the gun shoots low because it is calibrated with full power NATO rds. At 12 yds, it is about 1"-1 1/2" low so it may be true. I haven't invested in a lot of rds to see if its because of the ergonomics or that particular reason mentioned.
    Thanks for looking !!:50cal:
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