How Many Guns Do You Own For Which You Have Multiples Of The Same Exact Model

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  • candcallen

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    Jul 23, 2011
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    Oct 17, 2012
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    No-identical dupes...

    I DO have a Ruger PC Charger and a Ruger PC carbine, only one has a binary trigger though...
    Sold the OG PC Carbine to get the PC Charger, but missed the Carbine, so got the newer model Carbine with the Tacticool shroud, as that is all that is avail at my local shop, but wanted the Plastic Handguard of the OG, however the Tacticool shroud has a NICE Red Dot mount point just FW of the Take-down split, so it stays aligned with the barrel.

    I DO have a Ruger Hunter Model 40177 5.5" in Blued, and a Ruger Hunter Model 40118 6.88" in Stainless, but I don't think that counts...
    Wife has a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite.

    I sold a Mark III and Mark III 22/45 to upgrade to the Mark 4 series in both, and ALWAYS wanted a Hunter...
    Got the 40177, then FINALLY after the panic slowed, they had the one I wanted, the 40118, and although the 40177 was GREAT, I wanted the 40118, so I got the longer barrel stainless when it was avail.
    I'll probably give the 40177 to my son, or daughter...

    I do have a GP-100 in .357 Mag, BUT I do want a Ruger GP-100 in .22lr and one of the 7-Shot GP-100's in .357 Mag, but again those are different models and I don't want to pay full-retail for the 2 afore mentioned, BUT if I find a used though... I'll just bite the bullet.

    Wife's got a Ruger American in .308, and I want one too... I've got a PS-90, and the Wife wants one for a "his and her's"
    I think that would be when it would really count in this thread... :D
    So you like Rugers....

    Glenn B

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    Sep 5, 2019
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    Serious question and there is probably a good answer, but why do you own 4 identical glocks? What's the advantage?
    It's called redundancy. It is basically for the same reason there are redundant sets of hydraulics and electronics on commercial aircraft - each is there in case the other system fails. So, if one of my Glock 19 pistols goes out of commission, I do not need to worry about waiting for parts to fix my carry piece, I already have another to use immediately. Same idea for carrying a backup pistol, the best backup you can carry is a duplicate of your normal carry pistol. It uses the same exact magazines, operates exactly the same as the other.

    It is also nice to have a third to sell if and when I need cash or to use as a parts gun for the other two. I may also use the third one as a bedroom gun. I will not have to worry about whether or not I remembered to put it in the bed holster (yes it is a holster specifically made to hang on the side of a bed) as it will always be there since I will use the other two for carry.

    As for the fourth, that will most likely make a nice birthday or Christmas gift for my son. I often start Christmas shopping over the summer, keeps me in good spirit and keeps me from going crazy looking for stuff in December. I started Christmas shopping over the summer back in the 1970s when I first saw this guy:

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